Laguiole AOC-AOP cheese 

A cheese based on raw whole milk

Laguiole cheese has been AOC since the decree of 21 December 1961 and is governed by the decree of 28 July 2000. Here are some figures:

  •  700 tonnes a year 
  • One processing cooperative
  • Two farm producers
  • 75 milk producers.

Le Laguiole (rhymes with "trial" and accented on the last syllable: "lah-YULL") is a pressed, uncooked cheese made only from raw whole milk from French Aubrac or Simmental cows. It comes from Aubrac, a basalt plateau 800 to 1,400 m above sea level.

The cows feed on grass

; silage is prohibited. Pasturing is compulsory day and night at least four months a year. Annual milk production per cow is limited to 6,000 litres and the distribution of concentrates restricted to 6 kg per cow per day. Aubrac's vegetation is very varied and fragrant, contributing to the milk's richness and to Laguiole's flavour.

Laguiole cheese comes in big 20–50 kg cylinders 30–40 cm in diameter with a height/diameter ratio of 0.8:1. Its thick, dry rind ranges in colour from whitish to light grey, turning amber brown the longer it ages. The cheese ranges in colour from ivory to straw yellow; is firm, not hard; and has a velvety texture, melting in your mouth.
It obtained the appellation d’origine contrôlée (AOC, designation of controlled origin) in 1961 and the appellation d’origine protégée (AOP, designation of protected origin), the AOC's European equivalent, in 2001. In a nutshell, you might say AOC is the same thing as AOP but two different authorities issue the labels.

The Jeune Montagne cheese cooperative makes most of the cheese but a few farm-based producers have joined it in the past few years. So far, two have obtained the appellation d'origine Laguiole and sell their cheese at local markets or to speciality shops.

Laguiole has boosted the fortunes of an entire region that has made its traditions and products a driving force of development and tourism.

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Le Laguiole (prononcer « layole ») est un fromage à pâte pressée non cuite fabriqué exclusivement avec du lait de vache entier et cru

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